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Dit festival toont de mooiste films en documentaires uit het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika, kunst en muziek. Het middagprogramma is voor de hele familie. Het avondprogramma bestaat uit een filmcompetitie samengesteld door onze gastprogrammeur Mohammad Amin. Zowel een internationale jury als het publiek bepalen wie er met de prijzen vandoor gaan.

This festival shows the most beautiful films and documentaries from the Middel-East and North-Africa, music and art. The short films in the competition will be judged by an international jury and by the audience.


16.00 - 17.00 uur Programma voor de hele familie gepresenteerd door Saleh Hassan Faris. Met o.a. de korte kinderfilm The time of Pomegranate’s Smile van Labkhand-e Annar. / Family program presented by Saleh Hassan Faris, with a.o. the short children's movie The time of Pomegranate’s Smile by Labkhand-e Annar. 

17.00 uur Korte pauze/short break

17.15 uur Diapresentatie foto’s van Moeraslandschappen van Irak door Ihsan Yezany (Irak / Duitsland) - Showing of photographs of the swamplandscapes of Iraq by Ihsan Yezany

17.30 - 19.30 uur Start doorlopend programma van korte films in de competitie, onder leiding van een internationale jury - Filmcompetition of short films, judged by an international jury

  1. THE CORD | ALLAITH HAJJO / SYRIE / 21 MIN - A woman gives birth to her child in exceptional circumstances where the birth is done with the help of her husband, because there are no other health conditions due to the siege imposed on their neighbourhood.
  2. HEVI | MOHAMMAD SHAIKHOW / FRANCE - SYRIE / 21 MIN - On the run for war Hêvî (Kurdish voor ‘hope’) and Walat wait in the freezing cold for a smugglar who will take them across the border in a car. Over the mountains the couple will be free. Once they are on the road the driver tells them Walat has to cross the border on foot. Hêvî stays behind.
  3. THE BATTLE FIELDS | ANOUAR H. SMAINE / ALGÉRIE-USA / 19 MIN- A veteran of Iraq whose life spirals out of control because of PTSD, is given a ride by an Iraqi driver who lives in Los Angeles as a refugee. As the two men begin discovering each other's backgrounds, tensions mount.
  4. NIGHTSHADE | SHADY EL-HAMUS / PAYS-BAS, EGYPTE / 14 MIN -Tarik (11) helps his father Elias (35) to transport illegal immigrants into the Netherlands. When an accident occurs, Tarik gains the acknowledgment from his father he has yearned for, but at a high price – the loss of his own innocence.
  5. SUNFLOWER | ALI SAHAR/ IRAK / 7 MIN - An orphan lives with his old disabled brother. He is a pupil and works as hawker to sell the seeds of sunflower. He often steals the books of his classroom mates in order to make the paper bags that used to sell the sunflower seeds.
  6. BOUKHANCHA | EL HOUARI GHOUBARI| MOROCCO - The story of a savage murderer living in a jungle of puppies. Killing is his favorite game, a therapy to cure his either inherited or acquiredafflictions, and his possible end. The story of 'Boukhancha' is part ofwhat happens inside the invisible forest of ourselves.

19.30 - 20.00 uur Lekkere Marokkaanse en Irakese gerechten/dinner with Maroccan and Iraqi dishes.

20.00 - 21.15 uur Tweede deel competitie/part 2 of the competition:

  1. THE SWAN SONG | YAZID EL KADIRI | MOROCCO - A young man carrying a bag, goes to a cultural inn where an artistic event takes place. But what relation does this man have with art?
  2. RUSSIAN ROULETTE | ANAS AL MOUSAWI | 4 MIN - Which of the two will get the bullet? This short movie will keep you at the tip of your seat.
  3. GRAY AREA‏ | JAFFER MOHAMMED‏ | BAHRAIN - Corrupt organization invites human samples to undergo a psychological and brutal experiment to control them - will they be able to do so?
  4. MR. DEER | MOJTABA MOUSAVI | ANIMATION - The Iranian stop-motion film Mr. Deer by Mojtaba Mousavi shows everyday encounters at the Metro station and the everyday circumstances of city life in which the human wildness creates breathtaking horror. The story was inspired by a real incident in the Tehran metro.
  5. ALES | FAIÇAL BEN | - Today, Ales is ready. She returns to the terrace she once lived on with her mother, to finally free herself from the traumatic memory of this human being who stole her innocence forever. If her silence has never allowed her to exorcise this wound, her inner strength has guided her to this day of redemption and will allow her to regain peace.
  6. THE REPORTER| MOHAMMADREZA KHERADMANDAN - A little boy is reporting the last minutes of a soccer match but the end is very different for him!

21.15 - 21.30 uur Prijsuitreiking/award ceremony door filmrecensent Sadeq Al-Taai (Irak/Londen), dichter en filmproducent Hussein Nhaba (Irak) en filmmaakster Lidjia Zelovic (Joegoslavië).

21.30 uur Feestelijke muzikale afsluiter met Mahmoud en Abdulkadir Neami en poëzievoordrachten!

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